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Palette Knives

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5-Piece Artist’s Spatula Set—a perfect set for any artist. This is a must-have tool set for anyone working with acrylic or oils for canvas painting and applying paints using thick paint palette knife techniques. It is also perfect for studios and schools wanting to offer quality spatula sets to their students. The components are made from high quality steel and polished wood to ensure years of productive use.

• Wood Handle Length : 4-1/4”
• Spatula Blade Lengths:
• #1- 1-1/4"
• #2- 2-1/4"
• #3- 2-3/4""
• #4- 3"
• #5- 3-3/4"
• Great for Applying and Spreading Plaster, Creating Paint Effects, Mixing and Applying Putties , Resins and Fillers Etc